Kiss Kiss Biography

By Geoff Rickly

Kiss Kiss | Joshua Benash

"It's time for a revival", is a common sentiment in modern music but Kiss Kiss's Josh Benash doesn't say it, he embodies it. With their explosive new album "The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left" Kiss Kiss doesn't just revive music, they build a cathedral to it out of a gypsy circus tents. In the space of eleven tracks the cabaret catches fire, the orchestra aches, and Josh Benash's voice breaks its way through a truly ground breaking masterpiece.

The word is getting out. Death and Taxes write, "In an eastern-European flavored whirlwind of circus music gone rock, Kiss Kiss have dished out a very creative album that somehow manages to mold infectious pop out of avant-garde insanity. Go see them live and you'll understand." Through the ferocious dissonance of "Machines" the band channels Nirvana for sheer power and originality, while "Satellite" with its sweeping chorus and Beach Boys verses, proves that Kiss Kiss aren't just an obscure fair for the art school crowds.

"I got a job at the Knitting Factory as an intern, it was there I discovered musicians like John Zorn, Glen Branca, Mike Patton, and Sun Ra." Josh explains, "But I think that initial love of a good pop song never left me, and I began to try to incorporate the strangeness I loved in avant-garde with the great melodies I love in pop." Alternative Press concludes that the band makes "Epic and experimental pop… you'll wonder how you ever lived without them."

The band had been touring the country tirelessly in support of bands like Mono, Black Dice, Ramona Cordova, and the Ataris. They had built a dizzying reputation as a live band. They continued to support the full-length album through 2008, bringing their unique mix of gypsy melodies akin to Beirut, Gogol Bordello, and DeVotchka to every state in the country.

"The mainstream has a Knack for sucking the honesty of a genre and the it takes a new leaf to bring it back." Josh Benash, Kiss Kiss.

Meek Shall Inherit whats Left

Kiss Kiss | Joshua Benash

I composed and notated this record throughout 2007. In 2008, after many months of rehearsal, Kiss Kiss went into The Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, NY, to record with D. James Goodwin (Devo, Kaki King, The Bravery, Murder by Death). We approached this record with timbre at the forefront, creating a wall of sound where each instrument added a valuable element to the song but was almost indistinguishable from the other instruments. We spent 15 days in the studio layering string quartets, brass quintet, and choir on top of our eccentric odd-timed rock tunes. The result is a record I am truly proud of and one that has received many great reviews.

Reality vs the Optimist

Kiss Kiss | Joshua Benash

This was our first full-length record and our first time with an actual budget. Taking full advantage of this, I composed and orchestrated parts for strings, brass, and choir to layer onto the tracks. This album was recorded by D. James Goodwin at the Clubhouse and released in 2007, becoming a cult success.

Kiss Kiss Ep

Kiss Kiss | Joshua Benash

Dragging my G4 tower and old school 40 lbs computer monitor from location to location, I recorded and mixed this first ever Kiss Kiss recording. Selling 5000+ copies from the back of our van over the course of a year led us to getting signed by Eyeball Records in 2004.

Solo Album's

The Body Light | Joshua Benash

This is my latest effort. "The Body Light". BandCamp

The Dismal; The Beautiful | Joshua Benash

I recorded, performed, and mixed this entire record during the course of 2011. Using an optigan organ and other analog oddities this first solo LP of mine was self-released through my record label Motor Oat Records. D. James Goodwin (Devo, Kaki King, The Bravery) mastered this record at The Isokon in Woodstock, NY.BandCamp

The Dismal; The Beautiful | Joshua Benash

This 2nd solo record of mine was recorded during 2013. It is full of strange and beautiful songs all crafted with analog goodies and a few homemade instruments. The record was mixed and mastered good friend by D. James Goodwin (Kaki King, Devo, Murder By Death, and The Bravery).BandCamp

Vuvuzela Biography

Vuvuzela | Joshua Benash

After taking hiatus from the violin/synth driven experimental indie band Kiss Kiss, who have toured with (Murder By Death, The Dear Hunter, Thursday, and The Pogues), singer Josh Benash and bassist James Okeeffe began a new band: Vuvuzela.

Teaming up with classically trained harpist Stephanie Babirak, and drummer Ben Goldstein, the quartet began writing eccentric songs with an eccentric instrumentation; harp, piano/antique synths, upright bass, and drums.

Dabbling in odd times and using obscure scales, Vuvuzela created a slew of waltz like carnival songs, which were recorded and produced by the talented D. James Goodwin (Kaki King, Devo, The Bravery, Murder By Death, Kiss Kiss ).

The resulting album "The Hollow Choir" is currently available on Motor Oat Records.

The Hollow Choir

Vuvuzela | Joshua Benash

...gothic ivory tickling backs Josh Benash?s demonic falsetto, which spills over sparse verses separated by Bowie-esque breakdown?before a rapid descent into altered time signatures and musical madness?" - Speak Into my Good Eye Magazine



Fetal Orchestra

Kiss Kiss | Joshua Benash

This prog-rock band (2000-2003) produced one EP with engineer/producer Dan Romer (Jukebox the Ghost, Ingrid Michaelson, Beasts of the Southern Wild) The band did a few small tours and then disbanded in 2003, at which time drummer Jared Karns and I went on to form Kiss Kiss.


Roboshobo (My Chemical Romance, Metallica, Devo) directed this animated video for the Kiss Kiss song "Machines" off the album Reality Vs. The Optimist.

Friend and filmmaker Lindsey Michelle Houston wrote, produced, and directed this video for "All They Draw" off the Kiss Kiss album The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left.

Kiss Kiss - All They Draw from Andalion on Vimeo.

I wrote this absurdist commentary about the male sex drive and was directed by Lindsey Michelle Houston. It was the first video made for the Kiss Kiss album The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left.

Innocent 1 (The Corruption Of Self Through The Introduction Of Naturally Existing Self Producing Chemicals) from Andalion on Vimeo.

Vuvuzela - Rings and Things

Josh Benash - Swim in the Blood

Josh Benash - Your Word

Josh Benash - The Bodies of Trees

Using archival footage, flash, imovie, and photoshop, I made this video for "Plague #11."